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2021, January, 25

Scientists the Zelinsky Institute have discovered new aspects of the reactivity of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes

As part of the ongoing research by the scientistss of the laboratory № 6 of the Zelinsky Institute on the reactivity of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes, a method was developed for the usage of a bicyclopropyl system activated by the incorporation of donor and acceptor groups as a synthetic equivalent of 1,6-zwitterions in the presence of Lewis acids.


2021, January, 21

Researchers from the Zelinsky Institute described the first example of alkane activation using the S-centered radical

Researchers from laboratory № 8 ZIOC RAS under the guidance of Prof. Dr. A.D. Dilman succeeded in "overcoming" this fundamental limitation by using fluorinated disulfide as an alkane activator and a radical trap at the same time.

2021, January, 18

Researchers of the Zelinsky Institute published a review on the use of the A3-coupling reaction in the synthesis of N, O, S-heterocyclic compounds

In the last decade, using this approach, effective methods for the preparation of a number of different classes of heterocycles, including important pharmacophores such as imidazoles, imidazolidines, pyrazoles, pyrroles, indoles, azaindoles, isoindoles, indolizines, oxazolidines, oxazoles, quinolines, dihydroisoquinolines, coumarins, benzazepines, benzodiazepines, were developed.

2021, January, 15

Scientist of the Zelinsky Institute awarded international prize for young researchers

Leading Researcher Alexey Sukhorukov became an awardee of Thieme Chemistry Journals Award, which is presented every year to up-and-coming researchers from all over the world.

2021, January, 14

A convenient method for the functionalization of important nitrogen-containing heterocycles was developed in ZIOC RAS

Researchers from laboratory № 19 of the Zelinsky Institute succeeded in developing a direct one-pot approach to the functionalization of readily available aminofurazans and aminofuroxans through a cascade of diazotization / reduction / condensation reactions.

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