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2021, June, 11

Researchers of the ZIOC developed a method for the synthesis of completely carbon-substituted phosphoranes

As part of the ongoing research of the Laboratory of Functional Organic Compounds of the Zelinsky Institute in the field of difluorocarbene reactivity, the reaction of phosphonium phenoxide (and thiophenoxide) with difluorocarbene, leading to the formation of completely carbon-substituted λ5-phosphoranes, was discovered.

2021, June, 07

Ionic liquids were for the first time produced from biomass in the ZIOC RAS

Researchers of the Zelinsky Institute under the guidance of Academician V.P. Ananikov for the first time obtained ionic liquids from 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, a "platform compound" that can be produced from plant biomass.

2021, May, 31

Comprehensive studies of the polysaccharide antigen of the cell wall of the fungus Cryptococcus neoformans, the causative agent of human fungal meningitis, are carried out in the Zelinsky Institute.

Researchers of the Laboratory of Glycoconjugate Chemistryof the Zelinsky Institute have begun complex studies of polysaccharides of the cell wall of the fungus C. neoformans. Within the framework of the completed initial stage of the work, the stereo- and regio-directed synthesis of model oligosaccharides corresponding to a unique branched fragment of the capsular polysaccharide of C. neoformans - galactoxylomannan was carried out for the first time.

2021, May, 26

The method for the generation of alkyl radicals from thiols was developed in the Zelinsky Institute

Researchers from the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry carried out an efficient process of generating C-centered alkyl radicals from thiols, as well as involved them in the reaction with alkenes.

2021, May, 20

Researchers from the ZIOC established the structure of transition metal-formaldoxime complexes for the first time

Scientists from the ZIOC have established the structure of the related transition metal-formaldoxime complexes on the example of iron, nickel, and manganese.

2021, May, 17

The strategy for oxidative acyloxylation of acetals was discovered by scientists of the ZIOC

Scientists from the Zelinsky Institute conducted a selective functionalization of the non-activated acetal α-position with the formal retention of the acetal fragment using cyclic diacyl peroxides. \

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