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2021, September, 23

Promising high-energy compounds were synthesized in the Zelinsky Institute

At the Laboratory of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds of the Zelinsky Institute salts were synthesized containing the tetrazolate anion, the explosophoric trinitromethyl group, and nitrogen-rich cations.

2021, September, 20

Scientists of the Zelinsky Institute continue to study the effect of the structure of D-A-π-A dyes on the photovoltaic properties of Grätzel solar cells based on them

In the continuation of work on the development of new structural fragments and DA-π-A molecules with high photoelectric parameters, three dyes were obtained. They are based on benzo[c][1,2,5]thiadiazole as an internal acceptor (A) and N-substituted indolines fused with cyclopentane or cyclohexane as donor (D) building block.

2021, September, 17

Scientists of the ZIOC discovered an unusual effect in the NMR spectra of the reaction products of azide-alkyne cycloaddition

Scientists from the Laboratory of Metal-Complex and Nanoscale Catalysts of the Zelinsky Institute discovered an unusual phenomenon in the NMR spectra of triazoles obtained by the classical reaction of copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition: the disappearance of two signals of the triazole ring in the 13C NMR spectrum, as well as the broadening of the CH signal in the 1H NMR spectrum.

2021, September, 15

The method for the production of safe energetic materials was developed with the participation of the ZIOC

Scientists of the Nazarov Laboratory of Fine Organic Synthesis of the Zelinsky Institute together with colleagues from the Semenov Federal Research Center of Chemical Physics and the Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography developed a method for producing insensitive composites of the widely used explosive octogene with industrial polymers.

2021, September, 09

Scientists of the Zelinsky Institute have developed promising broad-spectrum biocides

Researchers of the Academician N.K. Kochetkov Laboratory of Carbohydrates and Biocides of the Zelinsky Institute developed a synthetic method and evaluated the microbiological activity of new bis-quaternary ammonium compounds (bis-QAC) based on dihydroxybenzenes.

2021, September, 06

Scientists of the Zelinsky Institute continue research on photocyclizatio of diarylethenes

As part of the ongoing research in the field of photocyclization of diarylethenes (stilbenes) conducted by scientists from the Laboratory of Heterocyclic Compounds of the Zelinsky Institute, a comprehensive study of the mechanism of this process was carried out.

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