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N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry – 80 years

N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry – 80 years

On November 13, 2014, N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS, the largest scientific center in organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and organic catalysis, alma mater of many globally recognized outstanding Russian chemists who glorified science and our country, celebrated its 80th anniversary. The solemn meeting dedicated to the anniversary was held in the conference hall. Current employees, veterans, guests and friends gathered in ZIOC on the gala day.
Mikhail Yegorov, Director of ZIOC RAS, addressed welcoming remarks to the colleagues, students and guests. His speech was accompanied by a slide show about the Institute history and present prepared for the anniversary.

The global fame of the Institute is associated with the names of prominent scientists who worked here over the years. Among them are Full Members of the Academy A.A. Balandin, L.F. Vereshchagin, M.I. Kabachnik, I.L. Knunyants, V.V. Korshak, Kh.M. Minachev, I.N. Nazarov, A.E. Poraj-Koshits, V.M. Rodionov, M.M. Shemyakin, Associate Members B.M. Mikhailov, A.M. Moiseenko, S.S. Novikov, A.D. Petrov, V.A. Ponomarenko, I.V. Torgov, Peter P. Shorygin, N.I. Shuikin, and many others. The outstanding contribution to national and global chemical science made by Full Members of the Academy N.D. Zelinsky, A.N. Nesmeyanov, A.A. Balandin, V.N. Ipatiev, and M.M. Shemyakin has been merited by establishing nominal prizes in their honour.

Current employees, veterans, guests and friends gathered in ZIOC on the gala day.

Turning from history to the present, Director said that today the Institute accumulated highly skilled researchers who largely shape the image of Russian and world chemical science. These are, first of all, leaders of ZIOC research teams such as Full Members of RAS Yu.N. Bubnov, N.S. Zefirov, V.B. Kazansky, V.V. Lunin, O.M. Nefedov, and V.A. Tartakovsky and RAS Associate Members V.P. Ananikov, A.L. Lapidus, G.I. Nikishin, N.E. Nifantiev, and until 2014 – E.P. Serebryakov. 443 researchers, including 77 DScs and 230 PhDs work in the Institute. Many of them were awarded high national prizes and titles. Among the current employees there are 9 holders of national orders, 30 winners of Lenin and State Prizes, Prizes of the USSR Council of Ministers and of the Government of the Russian Federation, nominal awards and awards of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2 laureates of National Demidov Prize, international awards, awards and medals of Russian Academy of Sciences, the European Academy and UNESCO awards for young scientists; 9 scientists are laureates of the Lenin Komsomol Award; 9 scientists received the honorary title Merited Worker of Science in the Russian Federation.

Mikhail Yegorov, Director of ZIOC RAS, addressed welcoming remarks to the colleagues, students and guests

ZIOC leading scientists represent Russia in international scientific organizations and are members of Russian and foreign academies and chemical societies and RAS academic councils. They work in editorial offices of local and international journals. The Institute has published many thousands of scientific papers in top Russian, foreign and international journals as well as abstracts and presentations, 160 monographs and collections of papers, more than a dozen of textbooks and methodological guidelines (some of them survived several editions and were translated into foreign languages). ZIOC researchers are authors of hundreds of inventions.

High-rank guests from federal authorities, rectors and deans of Russian universities, and representatives of the academic community sent their greetings to the Institute.

Vice President of RAS Sergey Aldoshin

Vice President of RAS Sergei Aldoshin, Head of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations Mikhail Kotyukov and the Chairman of the Board of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Full Member of RAS Vyacheslav Panchenko voiced their greetings at the gala meeting.
Mikhail Romanovsky, Head of the Department for Coordination and Support of Organizations in the Field of Science

ZIOC veterans and graduates who had worked and studied within its walls came to congratulate the Institute on its 80th anniversary. The meeting ended with greetings from young researchers and students who highlighted that they were proud of being part to Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

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Congratulations! Valentine Ananikov has been elected to Academia Europaea! The European Academy of Sciences (Academia Europaea) was founded in 1988. It unites about four thousand globally acknowledged experts in mathematics, medicine, natural sciences, humanities, law, economy, and social and political sciences from many countries of Europe. Among its members are also European scientists who live in other regions of the world. Currently, it includes seventy two Nobel laureates and it should be highlighted that many of them were elected to the Academy before winning the Prize.
We are happy to invite you to Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry to take part in the International Conference ChemTrends-2018 on Organic & Hybrid Functional Materials and Additive Technologies to be held on September 23-28, 2018.
Professor Mario Pargliaro Lecturing at Zelinsky Institute Prof Mario Pagliaro (Palermo Italy) gave two talks on June 8th and 9th.
Selective In-Situ Metal Azide Reactions Alexey Sukhorukov, N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia, and colleagues studied the selective reactions of in-situ generated metal azides on N,N-bis(oxy)enamines. By combining readily generated bis(oxy)enamine substrates with sodium azide and one of a variety of metal salts (including Mg, Cu, Zn, Co, and Ni), the researchers showed that the metal cation selectively alters the mechanism to favor the formation of specific organoazide products.
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