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EuropaCat XII in Kazan

10 september 2015 г.

EuropaCat, the leading European catalytic event, was held from 30th August to 4th September, 2015, in Kazan (Russia). The Congress is a focal point for scientists engaged in innovative catalysis. It serves as a platform for sharing new ideas and discussing the advances in all areas of catalysis. The theme of EuropaCat XII was “Catalysis: Balanced Use of Mineral and Renewable Resources”.

The key EuropaCat program subjects were:

1. Novel catalytic materials and processes for securing raw material supplies
2. Catalyst preparation and characterization
3. Energy-related catalysis
4. Catalysis and chemicals
5. Catalysis and environmental protection

The Congress brought together more than 800 scientists and experts delegated by R&D centers, educational establishments and industries from 44 countries. Among them were 400 participants from Russia, 68 from Germany, 34 from Spain, 31 from France, etc. 8 plenary and 23 keynote lectures were delivered to the audience during 6 days.

Russia was represented by Prof. Valentine P. Ananikov, RAS Associate Member, from ZIOC RAS. He gave a plenary lecture “Catalysis in Organic Chemistry. From Butlerov to Nowadays”.