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A review published by researchers from the Zelinsky Institute was featured on the cover of Synthesis

22 november 2021 г.

Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds are one of the most widespread and valuable structural frameworks in modern organic chemistry. Five- and six-membered N-heterocycles find many applications as drugs, agricultural products, data storage devices, and various materials with valuable properties. In recent decades, considerable attention has been paid to the chemistry of heterocyclic N-oxides. Obviously, this is due to their unique reactivity, which is significantly different from N-heterocycles and opens up wide possibilities for the preparation of various organic compounds.

Scientists of the Laboratory of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds of the ZIOC published a review on the latest advances in the synthesis and reactivity of various types of non-annulated N-oxides of five-membered heterocycles. The review highlights the synthetic and applied potential of 5-membered heterocyclic N-oxides. The chemistry of these molecular systems is a synergistic combination of general synthetic methodologies and substrate-specific approaches that are only applicable to such heterocycles. Undoubtedly, this area of research will continue to actively develop in the search for new drug candidates and advanced materials.

The published review was featured on the cover of the international journal Synthesis.




Leonid L. Fershtat, Fedor E. Teslenko Five-Membered Hetarene N-Oxides: Recent Advances in Synthesis and Reactivity Synthesis 2021, 53, 3673–3682. DOI: 10.1055/a-1529-7678.