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A new class of high-energy compounds has been obtained at the Zelinsky Institute

3 november 2022 г.

The development of new functional organic materials remains one of the urgent problems of modern chemistry and materials science. High energy materials are one of the most important sub-types of functional materials used for mining, welding, and other civil energy industries. One of the most promising approaches to the design of new thermally stable high-energy materials is the assembly of scaffolds consisting of several polynitrogen heterocycles.

Scientists of the Laboratory of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds of the ZIOC are actively engaged in the synthesis of organic compounds based on N-heterocycles for use in the development of functional materials, including high-energy ones. In one of their latest work, researchers have obtained a new series of energy salts with a high nitrogen content, containing fragments of 6-aminotetrazine dioxide and hydroxytetrazole. As a result of a large number of intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds formed, the obtained salts are thermally stable, exhibit good densities, excellent detonation characteristics, and low sensitivity to friction, which makes them a promising class of new generation high-energy substances.


Dmitry M. Bystrov, Alla N. Pivkina, Leonid L. Fershtat An Alliance of Polynitrogen Heterocycles: Novel Energetic Tetrazinedioxide-Hydroxytetrazole-Based Materials // Molecules 2022, 27, 5891. DOI: 10.3390/molecules27185891.