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Scientists of the Zelinsky Institute have obtained new high-energetic compounds

22 december 2022 г.

One of the modern strategies to achieve high-energetic compounds with good detonation performance involves a combination of several heterocyclic rings (e.g. furazans, furoxans, triazoles, tetrazoles, tetrazines, N-oxides of heterocycles) which would combine the advantages of each unit. A separate group of such compounds includes two heterocycles fused by a C–C bond. These heterocyclic systems have energetic N−N and C−N bonds in combination with a planar conjugated structure. Such structural features provides a number of advantages including high density, high heats of formation, high stability etc.

Systematic studies of polynitrogen-oxygen heterocyclic systems are carried out in the Laboratory of Chemistry of Nitro Compounds of the Zelinsky Institute. An elegant strategy was proposed for the synthesis of N-substituted 5-aminotriazolofurazanes. The key step is the intramolecular thermal cyclization of azido- and bis(2-cyanoethyl)triazene groups, previously unknown in the furazan series. This cyclization opened the door to covalent and ionic compounds containing tripoid conjugated system con-sisting of four nitrogen atoms. Special attention was paid to the study of the structures of new molecules using single-crystal X-ray crystallography, as well as their thermal stability using differential scanning calorimetry. It has been shown that both covalent and ionic compounds of this type have relatively high thermal stability, which allows to consider 5-aminotriazolofurazane as a promising building block for the development of new energetic compounds.


Alexey A. Voronin, Sofya P. Balabanova, Ivan V. Fedyanin, Aleksandr M. Churakov, Alla N. Pivkina, Yurii A. Strelenko, Michael S. Klenov, Vladimir A. Tartakovsky Anions Containing Tripoid Conjugated N4− System: Salts of 5-(Substituted Amino)-[1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-c][1,2,5]oxadiazol-5-ium-4-ides, as well as Their Synthesis, Structure, and Thermal Stability // Molecules 2022, 27, 6287. DOI: 10.3390/molecules27196287.