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The search for efficient high-energy compounds of a new generation continues at the Zelinsky Institute

20 june 2023 г.

High-energy compounds are widely used in mining, aerospace, military, and other areas. In recent years, energy materials science has been actively developing: there is a constant development of new types of fuels, explosives, and pyrotechnics for various purposes. Depending on their functional properties, such as thermal stability, oxygen balance, mechanical sensitivity and detonation characteristics, high energy structures can serve as initiating or high explosives, plasticizers, molding agents, energy boosters or oxidizers.

Researchers of the Laboratory of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds of the Zelinsky Institute have developed simple synthetic methods for the preparation of new potential melt-cast explosives and energy-intensive plasticizers, including a (1,2,3-triazolyl)furazan framework enriched with nitro- and nitratomethyl explosophoric functional groups. It was shown that the position of substituents in the molecules of the synthesized high-energy compounds had a significant effect on their physicochemical properties. All resulting structures have high nitrogen and oxygen content, good experimental densities, and high positive formation enthalpies, resulting in good detonation characteristics. These indicators are comparable or exceed similar characteristics of reference explosives, which makes the synthesized substances promising candidates for creating high-energy materials for various purposes on their basis.


Margarita A. Epishina, Alexander S. Kulikov, Ivan V. Ananyev, Aleksei A. Anisimov, Konstantin A. Monogarov, Leonid L. Fershtat Impact of regiochemistry in energetic materials science: a case of (nitratomethyl-1,2,3-triazolyl)furazans // Dalton Trans., 2023,52, 7673-7683. DOI: 10.1039/d3dt00917c.