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News and Announcements

2020, June, 30

Replacing Graphite Electrodes in Lithium Ionic Batteries

Researchers from Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS and Scoltech succeeded in obtaining a material for anodes of lithium ionic batteries based on germanium organic compounds which twice exceeds those in current use by energy. Non-toxicity and facile manufacture of the material makes it a worthy analog of graphite used today for the purpose.

2020, June, 30

Russian Scientists Discovered a New Class of Fungicides for Plant Protection and Crop Preservation

The substances based on stable organic peroxides not only exhibit high antifungal activity but also are safe for pollinating insects

2020, June, 18

Zelinsky Institute researchers’ work was put on the main page of international publisher

The study is devoted to the development of methods of previously unavailable 1-substituted semithioglycolurils — new perspective scaffolds for organic synthesis.

2020, May, 19

The researcher from Zelinsky Institute reviewed recent achievements in the field of reductive amination reactions involving nitrocompounds

The published review is devoted to the recent achievements in the methodology of reductive amination with nitro compounds. Particular attention was paid to the use of these transformations in the synthesis of biologically active amines and heterocycles.
2020, May, 12

Researchers from IOC RAS developed a method for the synthesis of organic peroxides, previously considered inaccessible

In this work, researchers from the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with colleagues from Florida State University developed a method for the synthesis of a new class of organic peroxides, γ-peroxylactones, previously considered inaccessible.
2020, March, 05

ZIOC Researchers First Described Zelinsky Reaction Mechanism

The ZIOC researchers, under the guidance of Prof. V.P. Ananikov, succeeded to describe for the first time the Zelinsky reaction mechanism using quantum chemistry.