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News and Announcements

2021, January, 15

Scientist of the Zelinsky Institute awarded international prize for young researchers

Leading Researcher Alexey Sukhorukov became an awardee of Thieme Chemistry Journals Award, which is presented every year to up-and-coming researchers from all over the world.

2021, January, 14

A convenient method for the functionalization of important nitrogen-containing heterocycles was developed in ZIOC RAS

Researchers from laboratory № 19 of the Zelinsky Institute succeeded in developing a direct one-pot approach to the functionalization of readily available aminofurazans and aminofuroxans through a cascade of diazotization / reduction / condensation reactions.

2021, January, 11

Scientists of the Zelinsky Institute have developed new improved organic light-emitting diodes with candles light characteristics

In continuation of the work on improving the physiologically safe LED based on a hybrid of organic and organometallic emitting materials, a new more efficient organic light-emitting diode with the light characteristics of candles was developed, which does not contain blue and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum and has a low color temperature. New organic dyes specially synthesized by in the Laboratory № 31 of ZIOC were used as one of the layers.

2020, December, 28

Researchers from ZIOC RAS synthesized a catalyst for the decomposition of nitrous oxide using microwave radiation

In the latest work of researchers from the laboratory № 14 of the Zelinsky Institute together with MISiS and Lomonosov Moscow State University compared lanthanum orthoferrite samples obtained using the traditional hydrothermal approach and the hydrothermal method using microwave radiation as a heat source, previously proposed in this research group. It was demonstrated that the method of obtaining the material had a noticeable effect on its properties. The microwave approach leads to a reduction in the time and temperature of synthesis, a decrease in the particle size and, as a consequence, higher specific surface area of the catalyst and activity in the catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide.

2020, December, 14

New life of "old" molecules. A new approach to the development of organic reactions involving calcium carbide was proposed in the joint paper of the ZIOC RAS and St. Petersburg State University

In their recent work, researchers from the Zelinsky Institute and St. Petersburg State University simulated on an atomic scale the processes occurring during the interaction of calcium carbide with water and dimethyl sulfoxide.

2020, December, 07

Scientists from ZIOC RAS summarized data concerning carbohydrates three-dimensional structure

In the context of systematic work on the glycomics informatization, scientists from the laboratory № 21 of ZIOC collected and systematized sources of information on the three-dimensional structure of saccharides, methods of its display, modeling, verification and processing.

2020, November, 30

Unusual process in Sonogashira cross-coupling was discovered by scientists from Zelinsky Institute

It was found that this process ran with the participation of one of the key intermediate reaction products and should be taken into account when developing new catalytic systems for alkynes functionalization reactions.

2020, November, 26

The study of ZIOC researchers was listed as one of the best papers published in prestigious international journal CrystEngComm during the last quarter

One of the latest works of the laboratory № 11 of Zelinsky Institute is devoted to the development of an effective and safe method for producing a micro-sized powder of the most powerful energy-intensive substance - hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20) in a given crystalline modification using liquefied gases

2020, November, 23

Methods for stereodivergent synthesis of polyheterocyclic spiro[oxindolepyrrolidine] derivatives were developed in ZIOC RAS

Researchers from laboratory № 19 of ZIOC RAS succeeded in developing an effective and highly regio- and diastereoselective methods for the synthesis of two different diastereomers of polynuclear dispiroheterocyclic structures with five chiral centers.

2020, November, 19

Scientists of ZIOC developed regioselective method for 6-O-acetylation of thioglycosides with acetic acid

Researchers from laboratory № 21 of Zelinsky Institute have proposed a convenient method for obtaining 6-O-acetyl derivatives of various thioglycosides.