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Research Laboratories

Department of Unstable Molecules and Small-Sized Cyclic Compounds (comprised of 3 labs)

Заведующий: Oleg M. Nefedov, Full Member of RAS

Laboratory of supramolecular chemistry (№2)

Заведующий: Head of the Laboratory — Prof., Dr. Sci. Sergey Z. Vatsadze

Department of Structural Studies

Заведующий: Valentine P. Ananikov, Associate Member of Russ. Acad. Scis.

Laboratory of Heterocyclic Compounds (N3)

Заведующий: Prof. Mikhail M. Krayushkin

Laboratory of Chemical Reactions under High Pressure (N4)

Заведующий: Prof. Alexei A. Zharov

Laboratory of Chemistry of Diazo Compounds (N 6)

Заведующий: Prof. Yuri N. Tomilov, DSc

Laboratory of Polyunsaturated Compounds (N7)

Заведующий: Prof. Vladimir V. Veselovsky, DSc

Laboratory of Functional Organic Compounds (N8)

Заведующий: Alexander D. Dilman, DSc

Research group № 9 “Laboratory of organic and metal-organic nitrogen-oxygen systems”

Заведующий: Sukhorukov Alexey, Ph.D., D.Sc. (habil.)
Research group № 9 was established in 2020 as the first young scientist research group at ZIOC RAS

I. N. Nazarov Laboratory of Fine Organic Synthesis (N11)

Заведующий: Prof. Sergei G. Zlotin

Laboratory of Organic Synthesis (N12)

Заведующий: Prof. Oleg A. Luk'yanov

Laboratory for Studies of Homolytic Reactions (N13)

Заведующий: Prof. RAS Alexander O. Terent’ev

Laboratory of Development and Study of Polyfunctional Catalysts (N14)

Заведующий: Prof. Leonid M. Kustov

Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry (N16)

Заведующий: Alexei M. Sakharov, DSs (Chem.)

Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry (N17)

Заведующий: Victor V. Semenov, DSc (Chem.)

Laboratory of Nitro Aromatic Compounds (N18)

Заведующий: DSc Igor L. Dalinger

Laboratory of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds (N19)

Заведующий: Prof. Nina N. Makhova

Laboratory of Catalysis of Rare and Trace Elements (N20)

Заведующий: Prof. Nikolai Ya. Usachev

Laboratory of Carbohydrate Chemistry (N21)

Заведующий: Yuri A. Knirel ScD (Chem.)

Laboratory of Chemistry of Heterofunctional Compounds (N25)

Заведующий: Anatoly M. Shestopalov, Prof., DSc in Chemistry

Laboratory of Metal-Complex and Nanoscale Catalysts (N30)

Заведующий: Valentine P. Ananikov, Associate Member of Russ. Acad. Scis.

Laboratory of Polysulphur-Nitrogen Heterocycles (N31)

Заведующий: Oleg A. Rakitin, Prof., DSc (Chem.)

Laboratory of Catalysis by Absorbed Metals and Metal Oxides (N35)

Заведующий: Alexandr Yu. Stakheev, Prof., Dsc (Chem.)

Laboratory of Catalysis by Transition Metals and their Compounds (N38)

Заведующий: DSc (Chem.) Victor M. Kogan

Laboratory of Catalytic Reactions of Carbon Oxides (N40)

Заведующий: Albert L. Lapidus, Prof., Associate Member of RAS

Laboratory of Chemistry of Nitro Compounds (N42)

Заведующий: Vladimir A. Tartakovsky, Prof., Full Member of RAS

Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry and Computer Design (N44)

Заведующий: Nikolay S. Zefirov, Prof., Full Member of RAS

Laboratory of Computer Assistance to Chemical Research (N50)

Заведующий: Andrey S. Mendkovich, DSc (Chem.)

Laboratory of Glycoconjugate Chemistry (N52)

Заведующий: Nikolay E. Nifantiev, Prof., Associate Member of RAS

ZOIC RAS Innovation and Technical Department

Заведующий: Albert A. Vedeniapin, Prof., Dsc (Chem.)

International Analytical Center (N47)

Заведующий: Vladimir N. Beliaev, PhD (Chem.)

International Analytical Laboratory (N49) (in collaboration with Bruker)

Заведующий: Vadim V. Kachala, Phd (Chem.)

Science and Technlogy Information Section (N53)

Заведующий: Nadezhda V. Krukovskaya, PhD (Chem.)

Editorial and Publishing Department (N60)

Заведующий: Galina N. Konnova

Editorial Office of Mendeleev Communications (group N45)

Заведующий: Irina V. Makhova, PhD (Chem.)

Important events:

The European Academy of Sciences (Academia Europaea) was founded in 1988. It unites about four thousand globally acknowledged experts in mathematics, medicine, natural sciences, humanities, law, economy, and social and political sciences from many countries of Europe. Among its members are also European scientists who live in other regions of the world. Currently, it includes seventy two Nobel laureates and it should be highlighted that many of them were elected to the Academy before winning the Prize.
Prof Mario Pagliaro (Palermo Italy) gave two talks on June 8th and 9th.
Alexey Sukhorukov, N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia, and colleagues studied the selective reactions of in-situ generated metal azides on N,N-bis(oxy)enamines. By combining readily generated bis(oxy)enamine substrates with sodium azide and one of a variety of metal salts (including Mg, Cu, Zn, Co, and Ni), the researchers showed that the metal cation selectively alters the mechanism to favor the formation of specific organoazide products.
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